DePuy Hip Implant Recall Attorney – Colorado Victims

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyer ColoradoDePuy Orthopaedics, a major manufacturer of hip replacement systems, recently announced a recall for some of its hip-replacement implant products, including the DePuy ASR™ XL Acetabular Hip System and the ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System. The recall affects an unknown number of patients who received these hip-replacement implants beginning in July 2003.

A significant number of patients who received the recalled DePuy ASR hip parts are believed to live here in Colorado.

The DePuy hip implant is being recalled because later tests have shown that about 12% of patients who received the DePuy ASR implant experience further health problems. The resulting pain and other symptoms often require additional surgery to replace the DePuy implant.


The most common signs and symptoms resulting from DePuy implants include:

• Swelling, irritation, stiffness, and difficulty in walking;

• Tumor-like growths around the hip socket and elsewhere;

• General feelings of malaise and discomfort;

Not only can the DePuy ASR hip implant parts loosen and separate, sometimes causing bone fractures, but the friction and wear around the artificial joint also tends to shed metallic particles which can cause irritation and inflammation in the joint capsule and surrounding tissues, and can even be spread by the bloodstream throughout the entire body.

The accumulation of these metal particles around the joint can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty in walking for many patients, as well as general health problems throughout the body. When these problems occur, they usually become noticeable within the first five years following the hip replacement surgery.

Colorado patients who received DePuy implants are advised to take appropriate action.

Scientists are only now beginning to explore the potentially more worrisome long-term health issues that can arise as a result of the recalled DePuy ASR hip implant, so it is important for anyone who believes they may have a DePuy implant to seek help to determine whether they may be affected.

What should I do if I have a DePuy ASR hip?

It’s important to understand that this DePuy hip implant recall does not necessarily mean that the hip implant must be removed, yet it does mean that each Colorado resident with a DePuy ASR-type hip implant should seek a professional review of the implant.

It is also important to note that the recall involves hip products implanted after July 2003. If your implant surgery was before that date, your implant is not subject to this current recall, although if you are experiencing health problems from any hip implant or other medical procedure you should seek appropriate help.

DePuy Orthopaedics itself does not maintain a database of patients who have received the ASR implant, so it is left to each individual patient to determine whether he or she received a replacement hip subject to this recall.

If you or someone you love has experienced any of the above symptoms following a hip replacement or other implant surgery, you should contact an experienced Colorado implant recall attorney for guidance. Colorado DePuy hip recall attorney Lee K. Rosenbaum, can protect your rights and work to bring the long-term relief and compensation to which you are entitled. Call today for your free consultation (719) 634-0102.

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