Multiple Pedestrians Struck by Cars in Springs in Recent Days


Colorado Springs Police responded to several auto-pedestrian collisions in the past week.  The injuries ranged from serious to life-threatening.  At least some of the incidents involved suspicion of drugs or alcohol and each occurred during hours of darkness.   

Northbound Academy and Westbound Astrozon were closed for several hours this evening while Detectives from the Major Accident Unit investigated a vehicle versus pedestrian collision in the intersection resulting in the death of the pedestrian.  Minimal details about the incident have been released at this time and we know only that the incident occurred while the pedestrian attempted to cross the street.

On Friday, October 20th, Officers from the Gold Hill Division of CSPD were dispatched to the intersection of S. 26th and W. Colorado Avenue on the city’s westside where they discovered two pedestrians who were injured in a hit-and-run crash. Fortunately, witnesses obtained the suspect vehicle description and license plate allowing Police to apprehend the suspect who was arrested on suspicion of DUI.   

It is important to be vigilant for pedestrians as a motorist.  Before initiating a turn, you must check not only for traffic to clear, but for pedestrians who may be crossing from either side of the street onto which you are turning.  Remind yourself to look at the sidewalks for foot traffic which may be approaching the intersection before initiating a turn, especially in residential and other high pedestrian traffic areas, like in and around parks (of which there are many in our city). 

Pedestrians involved in car crashes are often severely injured or worse, they perish.  Cases like these call for representation by experienced Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys like those at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C.  If you were injured in an auto versus pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas, call or text us at 719.634.0102 or click on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

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