It Will Be Cold on Halloween, But The Heat Is On!


From Friday, October 26th through Thursday, November 1st, Colorado Law Enforcement agencies will increase DUI enforcement efforts across the state.  The enforcement is intended to eliminate injuries and fatalities caused by impaired driving over this Holiday week.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that nearly half of traffic fatalities on Halloween night in recent years involved impaired drivers. 

In the next week, drivers should expect to see saturation of police watching for drivers under the influence. 

  • If you plan to celebrate the holiday by consuming alcohol or marijuana, you are strongly urged to plan ahead for a sober ride, whether that is with a person in your group, a cab, or Lyft/UBER. 
  • If you are hosting, be sure to offer your guests plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages.  Confirm upon greeting your guests that they each have a plan to get home with a sober driver and keep a watchful eye for those who may deviate from their original plan so that you can attempt to stop him/her and call a taxi, use a rideshare app, or offer your couch for the night.

While many local news outlets report that the approximate cost of a first time DUI in the state of Colorado is near $15,000.00, this estimate reflects monetary costs associated with criminal charges only.  Drivers are reminded that they may also face civil liability which could amount to much more if they choose to drive under the influence and cause harm to others.

If you or a family member is seriously injured by an impaired driver over the coming week, hire a law firm where the experienced attorneys can quickly identify pursue all possible avenues of recovery available to you.  Contact the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. by calling or texting 719.634.0102 or by clicking on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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