Colorado Springs Launches “Focus on Safety” Campaign

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With the steep uptick in traffic fatalities in our community, Colorado Springs launched a campaign dubbed “Focus on Safety” which is aimed at increasing awareness about safe choices and habits for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The campaign[1] identified three common factors as contributing to the majority of crashes: (1) speed; (2) distracted driving; and (3) impaired driving.  While local Police and the City’s Traffic Engineering Division are partnering to implement new and bolster existing practices to increase traffic safety, they are also calling on residents to do their part in making our roadways safer.

We have focused a lot in the past on what drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can do to limit their risk of being involved in a traffic accident, but we’ve not focused much on others who may contribute to the problem of distracted driving.  The Focus on Safety campaign reminds folks that even when not driving, they can do their part by not contributing to another driver’s distraction.  The example given is not texting people when you know they are driving. 

Sometimes, even if you’ve taken all the right precautions, you could still be injured in a car crash by someone else’s negligence.  When this happens, you are legally entitled to recover your damages from the at-fault party and you accomplish this by making a claim through his/her insurance company. 

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