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In an effort to identify practical solutions to make Colorado roads safer, the Department of Transportation, in cooperation with local government and the Marijuana industry, has launched an initiative dubbed The Cannabis Conversation.

There were 77 fatalities involving marijuana-impaired drivers in Colorado in 2016 and while most of the state’s motoring population is aware that driving high can result in a DUI, over half of users report driving high in the last 30 days. 

The Cannabis Conversation initiative invites open and honest feedback from everyone in our community, whether they are cannabis consumers or not, via online surveys and events statewide.  Specifically, CDOT is seeking information to help it better understand:

  • Why people drive under the influence of marijuana;
  • What the public sees as dangers of marijuana-impaired driving;
  • What would effectively dissuade people from driving high; and
  • The norms and opinions about driving high.

Take the survey here à

Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. supports the state’s initiatives to reduce impaired driving and we recognize that we too play a role in curbing the dangers posed by those who would drive high by holding them to account when their actions injure others.  If you or a loved one was injured by an impaired driver, contact the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. by calling 719.634.0102 or by clicking on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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