Some PI Lawyers Advertising Here Don’t Even Live and Work in Our Community

It seems like there are more and more television, radio, and internet ads popping up for Personal Injury law firms soliciting clients in the Colorado Springs area.  Did you know that many of these lawyers don’t even physically live and work in our community? 

There’s something to be said for shopping locally.  Usually, when you hear the term “shop locally” you think of patronizing a local merchant, rather than buying something from the internet or from a nationwide chain.  People shop locally, even though they might sacrifice price and convenience for a particular item, because they know that local businesses pay local taxes (keeping residential property tax low), give back to the local community, and create a level of service that cannot be duplicated by outsiders.  The same is true for utilizing professional services based in your own community.    

More importantly, in the context of legal services, attorneys who have lived and practiced in Colorado Springs for years have an understanding and familiarity with the medical and legal community here that outsiders do not.  If they litigate cases and go to trial like the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys of Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C., they have also seen first-hand how local juries respond in trials involving Personal Injury claims and are familiar with local rules and procedures.  (There’s nothing like an out-of-town attorney who makes a bad first impression on a judge or her clerk by not adhering to that judge’s rules!)  They use this first-hand knowledge to help their clients navigate the claim and litigation process to achieve good outcomes.  Local service and knowledge matters: especially when it comes to the law.       

There is too much at stake in your Personal Injury claim to hire an attorney based on his/her advertisement(s).  Do your homework on a law firm before retaining them to represent you in your Personal Injury Case.  Does your attorney live here?  Does your attorney have a brick and mortar office here?  How long has s/he lived and practiced in Colorado Springs?  Here’s a link to a blog we posted in 2016 to assist folks in doing their homework before hiring a law firm:

Recovering from an injury and pursuing a Personal Injury claim is a lengthy process.  Doing your homework before retaining an attorney will ensure you’ve selected an experienced lawyer whom you can trust.  If you are looking for local experienced lawyers whom you can trust to represent you for  a Personal Injury matter, call 719.634.0102 today to schedule your free consultation with the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. or click on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

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