Multiple Pedestrians, Including a Child, Hit by Cars this Week in Springs

There are certain locations where the danger of striking a pedestrian with your car is heightened, including the areas near parks and residences.  Unfortunately, this very point was illustrated in 2 auto versus pedestrian accidents which took place in Colorado Springs in the last 5 days.

Yesterday, February 17th, around 3:30 in the afternoon, Officers from the Sandcreek Division of CSPD were dispatched to the intersection of S. Parkside Drive and S. Union Boulevard: this intersection directly abuts the East side of Memorial Park in Central Colorado Springs.  When they arrived, a minor child was being treated for serious injuries by the fire department and paramedics.  The juvenile was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries: his condition is unknown at this time.  No information was released publicly regarding citations issued. 

Just four days earlier, on the west side of town (mere blocks from our office), February 14th, a Toyota 4-Runner was turning from northbound 16th onto westbound Colorado Avenue when it struck a pedestrian who entered the road from the north side of the intersection. The pedestrian suffered facial injuries and required medical attention at a local hospital.  Residential and commercial buildings are interspersed along this section of Colorado Avenue and the posted speed limit is 30 miles per hour.   

It is important to be vigilant for pedestrians as a motorist.  Before initiating a turn, you must check not only for traffic to clear, but for pedestrians who may be crossing from either side of the street onto which you are turning.  Remind yourself to look at the sidewalks for foot traffic which may be approaching the intersection before initiating a turn, especially in residential and other high pedestrian traffic areas, like in and around parks (of which there are many in our city). 

Pedestrians involved in car crashes are often severely injured or worse, they perish.  It is frequently the most vulnerable members of our society, like children and the elderly, who fall victim to these types of crashes.  Cases like these call for representation by experienced Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys like those at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C.  If you were injured in an auto versus pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas, call us at 719.634.0102 or click on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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