Cold Weather Emergency Kit Checklist

As I drove past the multi car pile-up on North Academy at Woodmen yesterday, I made sure that help was en route to assist the injured and then my concern turned to whether there were any children or elderly folks involved in the crash because it was one of the coldest morning we’ve had thus far this winter and many of the cars involved were rendered nondriveable.

According to the website, our low in Colorado Springs on December 27th was 0°, while our average low temperature for this time of year is 17° (and still well below freezing).  It’s a good idea to keep an in-vehicle emergency supply kit no matter the season, but here’s a checklist of items to keep in your car in case you are involved in a cold weather emergency (such as a car crash that disables your vehicle in zero degree temps):

  Blankets (mylar is ideal and compact), newspaper (for insulation)

  Extra clothing (hat, neck gator/scarf, sweatshirt, mittens)

 Kitty litter & retractable shovel (for traction on ice)

  Tire chains

  Jack, lug wrench, spare tire

  Windshield scraper & brush

  Jumper cables

  Roadside flare or triangles

  Antifreeze & Washer fluid

  Tow Rope

  Hand & Boot Warmers

  Heavy duty flashlight (with working batteries)

□ Strike anywhere matches

Don’t let a winter weather car slide-off, mechanical problem, or crash be made worse by being unprepared.  If you are involved in a winter weather crash, call 9-1-1 and take measures to keep warm until help arrives.  If you were hurt, get medical attention promptly and then contact the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. to schedule a consultation by calling 719.634.0102 so we can help you obtain full compensation for your damages from the responsible party’s insurance company. 

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