Colorado Springs Traffic Crash Reports

Periodically, we will blog about local traffic crashes and many folks wonder why we blog about them and how we choose which crashes to discuss.  First, there are many more traffic crashes in the Colorado Springs metro area than those we blog about.  Second, those we do write about are those where the details of the crash were provided to the public by Colorado Springs Police and this is not the case for most crashes.  Third, we do not blog about the crashes of our clients or prospective clients and we try to discuss those aspects of traffic crashes in a way that helps to expand public knowledge of traffic laws, civil liability, and/or safety.

Traffic Crash Numbers in Colorado Springs

There are several sources, like twitter pages, which announce the occurrence of traffic crashes and include the time and location of the crash, but tell little else about what happened.  For example, 22 crashes were announced in the Colorado Springs area by Total Traffic & Weather within the last 24 hours alone.  However, not a single one of these crashes were posted about in the local police blotters as of the time we posted this blog. 

Details of Most Crashes are not Readily Available to the Public

The local police blotter is a public source of information about some traffic crashes, but the blotter tells the public about a small percentage of crashes which occur in our community.  For example, while there were 22 crashes announced in the last 24 hours alone on Twitter, the blotter discussed details of only 1 traffic crash in the local area in the last week.  Unfortunately, traffic crashes in our city are a far more common occurrence than you might know.   

Topic Selection Criteria

We use specific criteria to select which crashes we discuss in blog posts.  First we purposefully blog only about crashes that do not involve our own clients or prospective clients (folks who have reached out to us about possible representation) in order to protect the attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.  So that we do not invade the privacy of crash victims, we do not interview them directly; rather, all the information we discuss about local traffic incidents is made available to the public by local police departments.  Finally, we do not discuss traffic crashes for the sake of sensationalism.  With every crash we blog about, we try to discuss some aspect of the crash which helps to expand our readers’ understanding of civil liability and traffic safety.   

Some firms readily use personal details about their client’s cases to advertise their services and boast about their results.  We are not one of those firms because we know our decades-long reputation in the Colorado Springs community speaks for itself.  If you are injured in a traffic crash because of another’s negligence, contact the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. to schedule your free consultation by calling 719.634.0102 or by clicking on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  

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