Numerous Serious Injuries Following Crash At Highway 83 & Powers

The Major Accident Unit of the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to investigate a crash at Highway 83 and North Powers Boulevard that happened during the evening commute on July 14th which resulted in many vehicle occupants being seriously injured.   

The investigation revealed that a Ford Sedan was westbound on Highway 83, turning south (left) onto North Powers Boulevard when it was struck by a white Lincoln SUV traveling eastbound on Highway 83.  At least four people were seriously injured in the rash and required emergency medical evaluation and treatment at local hospitals. 

The intersection where the crash occurred is controlled by a traffic light and unless the left-turning vehicle was doing so on a protected arrow, it should have yielded to oncoming traffic before completing its left turn.  The posted speed limit in the area is high, but police have yet to comment on whether they believe speed was a factor in the crash at the time of this post. 

Because Colorado is a comparative negligence state, even if the left turning vehicle was primarily at fault for failing to yield the right of way, the driver of the Lincoln may bear some responsibility for the crash (thereby reducing what s/he can recover in an injury claim) if s/he was not paying attention and took no action (like braking) in an attempt to avoid the collision with the vehicle turning left.  If such an argument could be made, it would allow the passengers of both vehicles to pursue recovery against both, rather than only one, drivers involved in the crash.     

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