How to Get Your Kids to Buckle Up for Every Car Ride

A 9-year-old child passed away from injuries sustained in the crash which occurred last Friday on Highway 83 and North Powers Boulevard.  The Major Accident Unit of the Colorado Springs Police Department determined that the child was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. 

Less than two months ago, we blogged about the fact that nonuse and improper use of restraint systems is the leading cause of death for children in automobile collisions.  While policy and enforcement at the state and local government levels has great potential to reduce car crash mortality in children, ultimately, vehicle safety habits like buckling up every time we go somewhere start at home.

Here are some tips from moms about how they get their older kiddos to buckle up and stay buckled up in the car. 

“It’s always been the rule that the car doesn’t move until everyone’s seatbelts are buckled (including adults).  I think if you set a good example, your children will follow.”

– Erica

“I told my daughter that if a policeman sees her without her sealtbelt on he’ll take away our van.  It seems to have worked.”

- Michelle

“I have 3 kids… I devised a way by asking each one to say ‘BINGO’ as soon as he or she buckled up. Of course, each one wanted to be the first to say it, including me and in the first 1 and a half minutes, I had already heard three Bingos.  Nowadays nobody says Bingo but buckling up comes automatically.”

– Genevieve

Have you and your family developed a system to ensure everyone is buckled up every time?  Share it with us on facebook:

It is crucial that parents and caregivers properly restrain younger children before every car ride and require older kids to buckle up before going anywhere in a car.  If the unthinkable happens and despite being properly restrained, your child is injured in a crash due to the negligence of another driver, contact the Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys at Rosenbaum & Wootton, P.C. by calling 719.634.0102 or by clicking on this link to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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