CSPD Memorial Day Weekend DUI Arrests Up 27%

The Colorado Springs Police Department reported a total of 33 DUI arrests for the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend following their participation in stepped up enforcement efforts as part of the statewide Heat is On campaign.

Before the holiday weekend, it was widely advertised that police across the state of Colorado, including Colorado Springs Police Department officers, would be ramping up efforts to apprehend drunk drivers over the Memorial Day Weekend, spanning Friday, May 26th to Tuesday, May 30th.  Despite the forewarning, 33 Colorado Springs Drivers were arrested for DUI during that period, an increase of 27% from last year.  (CSPD reported a total of 24 DUI arrests for the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend).

Conversely, Denver Police Department reported a 23% decline in DUI arrests over the Memorial Day Weekend, with just 32 arrests in 2017 as compared to their 42 arrests in the previous year.   

Saturated DUI enforcement efforts are not meant to be a sneak attack on DUI drivers: these types of campaigns are purposefully heavily advertised in advance to dissuade motorists from getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol in the first place.  We applaud law enforcement for their efforts to reduce the number of impaired drivers on Colorado Springs roads. 

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