Police Go Undercover to Catch Distracted Drivers

Police in several states are going undercover to catch distracted drivers in the act of texting while driving: they may be watching from unmarked cars or disguised as construction workers or panhandlers.

The sting operations are happening across the country, but they all have two things in common: they allow police to issue many more citations in a shorter timeframe and provide eye-witness proof of a distracted driving violation.

June 21, 2016: A Deputy Sherriff dressed up like a drifter on the side of the road radios his cohort in a patrol car to pull over distracted drivers in Bellingham, WA.[1]

March 4, 2017: Officers on bike patrols roll up behind drivers to catch them texting while driving and the culprits never suspected a thing in Newport, RI.[2]

March 31, 2017: Police dressed as construction workers set up near the Big Chicken to spot drivers who were texting while driving in Cobb County, GA.[3]

April 26, 2017: Highway Patrol Officers dressed in plain clothes stroll down Wilshire Boulevard spotting distracted drivers in Los Angeles, CA.[4]

May 1, 2017: State Troopers in unmarked carsrode in teams down state highways to spot distracted drivers in Kalamazoo, MI.[5]

May 8, 2017: A Police officer bundled up to look like a panhandler held a sign clearly advertising that he was looking for distracted drivers, not handouts, in Florence, AL.[6]

Colorado’s prohibitions against texting while driving are not as stringent as the laws in other states: here, police are not targeting drivers who are looking at their phones while their vehicles are stopped in traffic.  While news outlets in Colorado have not announced plans by law enforcement to get creative to bust distracted drivers, it doesn’t mean a plan is not already in the works. 

The risks of distracted driving are too great: the text can wait!

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